Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Be Part of a Community! A Community that Calls for Action for Change!

Calling all Youths across Malaysia!

Youth Call for Action!

Thank you so much for dropping by. As you would know, or have heard - This small project was set up for Youths like you to be;
  • Connected towards Opportunities to run exciting youth projects
  • Receive news updates for you to go overseas or attend local youth-related conferences
  • Be the first to receive special opportunities to meet other leaders, get involved with other passionate groups and get noticed by prominent figures
  • Get involved with exciting gatherings for you to Brainstorm Ideas, Network with other Peers and Get Your Ideas Across

This is a humble beginning to what would be, a project - Driven by Youths for the Youths in Malaysia.

Do take up 5 minutes to fill up this form below and we will be in touch with you!

We are here to guide you, groom you and empower you so that your Ideas would no longer be Shelved Away, but rather be Heard Of and be Implemented for Our Country!

We can do it when we come together!

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